restore your confidence, do work in line with your purpose, and find true fulfillment 

About the work

What if I told you that you could do work that truly fulfills you? What if that person you see in your mind who achieves excellence, shows up for himself and his people, and has energy to spare...is really you? 

We all have a version of ourselves we see in our mind and yet sometimes stress, work and life circumstances get in our way. Or maybe you are trying everything you can to reach your goals but you can't get momentum. This is actually very normal. Burnout and workplace related depression are at all time highs. It no longer is true that business isn't personal. To me, it is very personal. 

I am here to help you resuscitate your creativity, reduce your anxiety, and restore your clarity so you can design a life, career, or business that sets you on a path to true freedom and full self-expression. 

Through introspective exercises and goal-setting techniques, you'll gain a profound understanding of your purpose and direction, enabling you to make focused decisions. I'll encourage you to think outside the box, embrace curiosity, and tap into your innate creative potential. You will take bold action, feel empowered, and be tapped into your imagination in a whole new way. 

You will have more energy, better relationships, and enthusiasm to take action in your life.

Experience both the calm and excitement that comes from knowing exactly where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Get into the driver's seat of your life

I've designed hundreds of career pivots, launched 15 businesses (from pre-revenue to $40 million), and built a community of thriving clients all over the globe. 

I have spent my life studying feelings, emotions, brain health, and the affects of stress on our bodies. I hacked my own brain and body and turned my research and tools into the curriculum you will experience here. 

I will help you will step into a new level of confidence in alignment with your true self. 

Get the mental clarity and resources you need to embark on your path to creative fulfillment.

Resiliency is a muscle, and I know how to help you build it.

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Whether you own a business or work for one, we will help you identify opportunities for growth, get strategy support to close deals, and optimize your workload for long term success.

We'll dive deep into your passions, values, and interests to align your career choices with your authentic self. You will feel focused, passionate, and find a renewed fulfillment in your work.

You will learn to navigate your thoughts in an entirely new way. The relief and clarity you will feel allows you the space to see opportunities for change and go after what you truly want. 




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This work is deep and creates sustainable, measurable, and permanent change. You will not revisit old problems or get stuck in old cycles. Once you embark on this path you will never have to look back. 


Clients go from mid-level management to sitting in rooms with literal royalty. Excellence will be your new standard for all aspects of your life.  Roadblocks will seem like opportunities and ideas will flow easily.  

Mental fortitude 

Clients have seen an increase in compensation upwards of 50%. I help with salary negotiations, sales and business development, and money mindset.  Unblock your  path to financial security and abundance.  

FInancial abundance

Let's Talk About Results 

Nathan Witton

"Teresa has been an incredible partner and voice of wisdom  more times than I dare to count. "

"As a direct result of Teresa’s guidance and coaching, we have developed and further understood our company’s culture which in turn has become a place where top talent wants to work. Our team is operating from a cohesive vision and gets more efficient and impactful each day. We feel confident in our ability to continue to grow and expand into new markets with Teresa by our side."

Nathan and Marciel Built a Global Brand in one year

"Shortly after I started working with Teresa, I broke off the relationship with my ex, helped my mom get through her divorce, and regain my poise and confidence. In no small part because of the work I did with Teresa, I was able to clear my head, develop a startup idea, raise a round of venture capital, and launch my health-technology company."

Clay started a business and raised capital 

Success stories

"Teresa instilled in me a level of self-assurance I had never known, and it continues to propel me forward as I confidently tackle endeavors I once doubted I could undertake. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Teresa for giving me the hope I needed to drown out the overwhelming doubts. I am now on a resolute mission to achieve my goals, and I credit Teresa for launching this mission with her unwavering support and guidance."

Stephen  Found his confidence & is writing his book

I have helped clients just like you pivot careers, triple their salaries, build a profitable business, raise capital, and close $100M deals.  

Prior to coaching I was an entertainment executive working on film and TV sets like Transformers and at companies like Nike. Now I have the honor to coach incredible humans like you.  If you choose to join us I can guarantee you will change your life. 

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